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Exterior Design II
In profile, the Mazda MX-5 continues the low, flowing shoulder line established by the original with side surfaces just below the shoulder creating prominent highlights between the wheels for a strong and muscular look.

To accentuate the tapering shapes at each end of the Mazda MX-5, headlights and taillights are positioned well inboard of the car's corners. So, in spite of modest increases in wheelbase (+65 mm / +2.6 inches), length (+20 mm / +0.8 inches), width (+40 mm / +1.6 inches), and height (+20 mm / +0.8 inches), a tight, compact visual image is maintained. (Note: figures based on European model.)

The high-quality folding soft top is a Z-fold design with one centrally-located latch handle. In the lowered position, it fits flush and smooth. The top can be raised or lowered without undue effort or stretching. A new detachable hard top is also available (depending on market). Thanks to a canted rear quarter pillar and a sweeping rear window, the MX-5 detachable hard top has a modern, aggressive character that will surely extend this car's appeal in new directions.