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The interior design themes of the new Mazda MX-5 are simple functionality and comfortable openness with high-quality craftsmanship to delight sports car enthusiasts.

A T-shaped general layout joins the horizontal strength of the instrument panel to the substantial centre backbone tunnel. Four round heating and cooling vents help establish a straight reference line across the front of the cockpit. Piano-black finish provides a modern high-quality surface for several areas of the interior. Switches, gauges and driving controls are precisely designed and carefully positioned for optimum functionality. Five individual round gauges with metal-look trim fill the instrument cluster. Highly legible markings and needles are provided and polarized glass covers maintain legibility even in direct sunlight.

Mazda designers selected eight exterior colours and three distinctive interior-trim packages. Base models are equipped with tasteful black cloth upholstery and a matte-silver metallic finish for the steering wheel, instrument rims, and door handles. High-grade models offer two attractive choices: combinations of saddle-tan and black leather on the seats, instrument panel, and door trim or black leather in a monotone treatment (depending on market).

Employing Mazda's new-generation sports car architecture that is significantly stiffer than before provides the base for the new Mazda MX-5's safety systems. For the first time the Mazda MX-5 offers side airbag protection. A two-volume side-impact airbag is positioned inside each seat backrest. A single inflator simultaneously expands the torso portion of the airbag and the larger-volume head-protection airbag. This innovative design is light, compact, and highly effective at providing collision protection. The new side airbag feature is available in all markets.

To ensure comfort for a wider range of drivers, an adjustable steering wheel and additional movement for seat adjustment have been added to help drivers with extremely tall or short statures fit the cockpit perfectly. Storage accommodation is plentiful for a vehicle of this size. Three compartments are located on the rear wall (one readily accessible and lockable with room for 10 CDs, two positioned behind the seat backs). There is a pocket attached to the back of the left side seat, another one on the passenger's side of the tunnel, a bottle holder in the door trim, as well as a covered receptacle for two beverage containers conveniently located behind the shift lever. The large glove box can be locked and there's a small coin box provided for the driver.

Two features are designed to enhance comfort with the top down. New waist-level vents direct warm and cool air throughout the cockpit to help maintain comfortable cabin temperature on cold and hot days, making the open-air-driving season longer. A mesh-type air deflector mounted vertically behind the seats allows some air to enter the cockpit through its surface, thereby reducing buffeting and top-down turbulence.